World’s Most Beautiful Baby Enters Third Day

3181770786_7e86e73deaI could go on like this daily, but I will try to restrain myself — sometime in the future. In the meantime, as you can imagine, there is much excitement at the hospital. Doctors and staff handle thousands of births a year, but no one had much warning that on Wednesday, they would be helping to birth The Most Beautiful Baby in the World. We’re waiting for Mayor Gavin Newsome to declare one of the next few days “Amelia May Day”. Because, of course, nothing of greater importance has happened this week.

I should report that Mother and Baby are both doing fine. In fact, Amelia has all male visitors firmly wrapped around her little finger. Andy hasn’t even been able to see her except in pictures and he’s already declared that we’ll need to buy her a pony.

It’s exciting the tributes and remarks of various Flickr Friends.  Amelia May’s picture has already made Flickr’s Explore which highlights the top pictures uploaded that day. Befitting, of course, for The World’s Most Beautiful Baby.

A few more news items that I can report.

*She will grow up to be a Super Model, but only because she gets tired of seeing the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue in tears and begging.

*She will study nuclear physics between shoots because SHE’S THAT SMART and she is in line to be the first female head of NASA.

*She will also head up the first manned (femaled) mission to Mars.

*She will be a great humanitarian and win the Nobel Prize.

*But only after she becomes a Gold Medal Equestrian (thanks to early training on that pony.)

*But her father will be her date to the Senior Prom.

*Unless one of Brad and Angelina’s biological kids wants to go. BUT only after he, too, wins a Nobel Prize. No dumb acne-scarred dates for Amelia!

This "baby makes three" tribute from MyBlueMuse

This “baby makes three” tribute from MyBlueMuse

I missed visits yesterday and only took a few dozen pictures today, due to Andy crawling off a flight from London sick as a dog. He’s lying in bed calling for obscure British products from his childhood such as Lucozade, Bovril and Beano Comics. So baby visiting time is short. In fact, they may need to quarantine much of this end of San Francisco as he’s so disgustingly sick and drippy.

So I’ll leave you with a few more pictures and a video. It’s the least I could do for The World’s Most Beautiful Baby.

And another amazing video, this one taken by Dad:

I’m a little Princess. Yes, I am!

Dad, can I borrow the car?

Dad, can I borrow the car?

Is that Armourall on your hands, Dad? Tastes good.

Is that Armourall on your hands, Dad? Tastes good.

Soft focus. Amelia plays the cute card.

Soft focus. Amelia plays the “cute” card.

Shes hardly ever fussy. But this is what it looks like.

She’s hardly ever fussy. But this is what it looks like.

NOTE: If you are thinking you might steal The World’s Most Beautiful Baby, be aware that this hospital installs Lo-Jacks on all babies. If the child gets more than 10 feet from similarly tagged Mom and Dad, alarms sound and paratroopers rappel down from the ceiling. But how could you steal The World’s Most Beautiful Baby? I mean, what could you do with her? How could you hide her? It would be like stealing the Mona Lisa. Everyone who saw her would instantly recognize her as The World’s Most Beautiful Baby.

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  1. great post…and YES she is the world’s most beautiful baby…just got off the phone with PJ and we were talking about this very fact!

    thank you for featuring my peter rabbit pic.

    can’t wait to see her in person.

    can’t wait to see her grow and enchant everyone she meets.

    oh the hearts she’s going to break!

  2. Please let me see the video, it says you have to send me an invitation! Me want Amelia May video NOW, please! These shots are all wonderful! I hope to go meet Amelia tomorrow and I can’t wait!

  3. It’s embedded, so it should just play when you click on it. It’s private on YouTube, so you have to be invited there. But on this site, it should just play.

  4. she is just too goddam cute.
    So hubby has returned from the motherland! if it weren’t so damn cold outside I would be out buying the lucozade, and bovril.



  5. She is adorable! And she is so loved! Keep posting her photos! Love it!

  6. Oh, here we are at 3.5 months. And here, sleep deprived but drug free I look at the slide show and the pictures and I am still blown away. Thank you for the documentation. Right from the beginning of the adventure!


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