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tom ford with smooth fox terrier johnThe terriers are so beside themselves they can barely concentrate on their chew toys. Our blog has been visited by a celebrity. No, make that THE celebrity — at least if you are in the Smooth Fox Terrier world. You’ll remember, in this post, I told you about the definitive Smooth Fox Terrier movie of the decade. I could go out on a limb and say A Single Man is The Citizen Kane of Smooth Fox Terrier movies. But I think former Gucci head Tom Ford has many more terrier movies yet to come in his cinematic œuvre.

Fast forward to yesterday, when a Smoothie breeder contacted me on Facebook and happened to mention that she is friends with Tom’s partner, Richard, and helps the two of them out with showing their Smoothies. She said she’d forwarded several of my terrier-centric blog posts (this one, this one, and this one) on to Tom and “he really is tickled to know how the Smoothie folks and Foxie folks have responded to the film”. Tickled? The T word for Smooth Fox Terrier owners is “touched”. Apparently Tom Ford is just as obsessed as the rest of us Smoothie lovers. This is a man who casts his dogs in his movies, who named a pair of his high-end sunglasses after his dog, Angus, and whose traveling entourage always includes his Smoothies. What do you want to bet Angus and India sleep on the bed as well? C’mon, Smoothie owners, you know that happens with all of us. These are dogs that demand 600 thread count Egyptian cotton and the finest mattresses. They might even let you join them. If you behave. As my fellow Smoothie blogger, Raleigh Pop, would say: “We are all helpless in the face of Fox Terrorism.”

oscar the film student

Oscar takes his cinematic studies seriously. He’s an accomplished method actor. Tom, cast him!

Then the breeder dropped the bombshell revelation that Tom and Richard have a large ranch in New Mexico. Where they are cultivating vineyards. And making wine. THAT THEY ARE NAMING AFTER THEIR TERRIERS!! Hello! BFFs 4SHUR.

Suddenly, I flashed on the realization that I’ve been getting massive blog hits from New Mexico, according to my stat analysis software, where formerly I only got traffic from one IP — a blogging friend who lives there. Of course, my over-active imagination supplied the scenario. Tom Ford has been obsessively visiting my blog. Because he needs my help integrating Smooth Fox Terriers and winemaking. AND HE’S SCOUTING NEW TERRIER TALENT FOR HIS LATEST MOVIE.

Tom, Baby. You’ve come to the right place. Your dogs are beautiful and all show-ring perfect, but they aren’t right for every role. Angus is the Cary Grant of terriers and India is surely a canine Audrey Hepburn. But what about the roles that require an edge, a hint of danger, a conflicted personality and deep-seated neuroses? Have you met Oscar? You won’t find a terrier with a more varied acting range. With his freckles, he’d be perfectly cast as Huck Finn. But with his conformation-defying sticky-up ears, he’s also a natural anti-hero. Thinking of remaking Rebel Without a Cause with a cast of terriers, Tom? Oscar’s your lead. What about the trifecta? Go ahead and start casting for terrier versions of East of Eden and Giant as well. Can there be a more perfect terrier Jett Rink?

Lucy with Hermes

Tom, I know Hermes isn’t YOUR brand. But I wanted to show you Lucy has class. And she’s ready for her close-up.

And Lucy? Sure, she’s got that little weight problem and she’s a bundle of neuroses. Then there was that short stint on Prozac. (She’s better now.) But a terrier Marilyn Monroe? I think, yes! Start sketching out storyboards for The Terrier Some Like It Hot. Angus can have the Tony Curtis role. Oscar’s a natch for the Jack Lemmon part. And Lucy? Meet your new leading lady.

Yes, I’m predicting the dawn of a golden age of Smooth Fox Terrier movies. I’m here to help.

So Tom, Richard. Call me. Email me. Friend me on Facebook. I’m here for you. The terriers are working on their SAG cards.

And about that wine making. C’mon over to Two Terrier Vineyards. Let’s have a tasting and swap stories about the crush. After all, it’s a small and exclusive club of winemakers who really understand the concept of terroir. I bet like ours, your wine gives a pleasant aftertaste of dog hair at the back of the palate. It’s a terrier thing.

Top photo by Terry Richardson for I-D Magazine.

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Author: Lisa

Although I'd like to think of myself as a rootin', tootin', wine-makin' cowgirl, I currently only live in Sonoma part-time. Mostly I'm on freeways between San Jose, San Francisco and Sonoma. With two yapping terriers in crates behind me. We try to enjoy all three places and points in between. Which will explain why my post subjects are all over the map.

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  1. Well that settles it. We need to up our game over here to be more like 2TV + Tom…I am ordering a second SFT and a vineyard.

    (I think it is just a personal hang up, but every time I see the term “smoothie,” even on a dog blog, I picture yogurt, strawberry, and banana in blender. Damn you, Jamba Juice1)

  2. I do think it distinguishes our terriers from their less polished cousins. Smoothies are smooth operators indeed. Does any other terrier even come close?

  3. Nope! Jack Russells can’t touch us. Not even if they start coming in strawberry banana flavor.

    (I think this personal hang up has to do with it being right coast lunch time…)

  4. Did that breeder tell you that Nutmeg is related to Angus and India? She hasn’t let it go to her head, though. If they ever stop by in Memphis, they’re welcome to come by Dachshund Downs (sorry, Britta arrived first) and play ball until they’re all panting like little British steam engines and then they can go look at the chickens, eat cookies and get hair all over Dad’s leather couch. This is all terribly exciting!

  5. Susan, if Tom Ford is as prolific as a director as he was as a designer, he’ll need a bigger casting pool of terriers. Get Nutmeg an agent.

  6. Don’t forget about Jigzy! That wonky ear adds character — he can be the “quirky” one. Wouldn’t it be great if all our cyber-smoothies met in real life on the big screen! :)

  7. Look at you pimpin’ out yer pups 😉 Have your New Mexico hits surpassed those from Allbania??

  8. No, the Albanians will always be my Peeps. If anything, my Eastern Europe stats are growing.

  9. Sammie and Flash are always available as “extras”. I agree with Raleigh Pop – Jack Russells are SFT wanna-be’s. (as in: when I grow up, I wanna be like Oscar!)

  10. Raleigh Pop, I think the same thing whenever I hear “smoothie”. It makes me want one and I lose myself and can’t read any further. Hehe.


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