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When Oscie Met Sally

It’s been just a little over a week since I flew out to Boston to get our latest terrier, Little Sally Yates. And things have been up and down. First the good news. Oscie, who I have always called Little Boy but next to Sally looks like a big galloot, has been more patient with Sally than I even dreamed possible. I had high hopes as Oscie, although he is somewhat pushy with male dogs of all sizes, is completely submissive with females of all sizes and species. Many will say, “That’s as it should be. He’s trained well.”...

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Up To Full Terrier Quota

Faithful readers will know that we lost our beloved Lucy awhile ago. If you’ve ever had Smooth Fox Terriers, you will know that, when they go, they leave a Smooth Fox Terrier sized hole in your heart. You can never replace the terriers you have known and loved. But you can fill that hole with another Smooth Fox Terrier. However, getting a new one is never easy. Unfortunately, Smoothies have become somewhat of a rare breed and it seems only the dedicated show people are breeding them. Since Oscie is very submissive to female dogs but somewhat dominant and...

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So apparently, I lived in a cave during the 80s and 90s, because, until recently, I was the only person who knew next to nothing about the band U2. Oh, I knew there is a band named U2 and it was really big back then and I’d heard about Bono’s humanitarian work. But, if I had been threatened with a firing squad, I wouldn’t have been able to hum a single one of their songs. I don’t think I even knew the names of any of their songs. And I certainly couldn’t have picked Bono out of a line-up. U2 was just...

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Not the Super Bloom

Southern California’s deserts are in a super bloom. I just came from there. Ironically, we are having just the opposite experience in Northern California. It’s been so wet and so unseasonably cold that it’s looking like we are going to have a very disappointing wildflower experience up here. In a semi-arid environment, it’s never just about the rain. It’s about the rain coming at just the right time, with a gentle warming trend happening after the rain and before we get our scorching summers, which start just about April. So far, it’s been far colder than usual all winter...

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How to See a Super Bloom

For the past two years now — and for the first time in nearly thirty years — we’ve had Super Blooms in our California deserts. You see, it takes more than rain to make a Super Bloom. The rain has to fall at exactly the right time, in exactly the right amount and at exactly the right intervals. There has to be sufficient rain in the Fall to soften the hulls of the seeds so the flower inside can sprout. Then the temperature in the following months has to be just right — a sudden hot spell and the seeds are fried...

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