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And the Beat Goes On

Cross this one off the bucket list. I’ve seen Cher live. And I’m here to tell you, she delivers like Dominoes. It’s hard to tell kids today what a groundbreaker Cher was through decade after decade. Anything any female singer did, she did it first. Before Lady GaGa was born this way, Cher broke the mold of what a female pop singer could be — not cute and blonde and soprano, but dark, exotic and contralto. Before Katy Perry and her ilk were bringing multimedia extravaganzas to their concerts, Cher was doing it and bringing it to Vegas. And...

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From standing by helplessly not knowing if everything we owned in Sonoma would burn to the ground, through the first rushed recovery efforts when we tried to shore up burned areas against erosion as the first rains loomed, to the horrendous clean up process that found me picking up burned creatures with piles of wet, oily, ashy leaves, it’s been an insane six weeks. I needed therapy. I needed Cher-apy! Cher is doing her latest farewell tour in Vegas. I live five minutes from the airport, it’s an hour’s flight to Vegas, so, for me, it’s like taking the...

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More Post Fire Recovery

I’ve lost track of how many weeks it’s been since the fire, because for our end of Sonoma County, things have still not returned to any semblance of normal. I started finding it hard to walk down on Sonoma’s Plaza because residents were walking around high fiving each other. Meanwhile, we are still on back-up generator power with no schedule from PG&E as to when it will be restored. They were prioritizing working on transformers that were serving the greatest number of people. Since, out on our stretch of country road, our transformer only served us, I’m assuming we...

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Save the Bees! Restore Hector’s Honey.

Although close to 80% of our land burned in the big Wine Country fires, all but a few insignificant outbuildings were saved. We lost mostly infrastructure which can be easily replaced. The land will heal itself with a little help from Ranch Manager Louis and his crews. The most devastating loss was to a legendary local beekeeper who had the bulk of his hives — nearly 100 — in our pasture where his bees had access to fresh drinking water in our little Lake Charles and a ready food supply in our lavender fields. Every single one of those...

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Into the Ashes

Finally and unexpectedly two days ago, the sheriffs started letting residents down our officially closed country roads. Ranch Manager Louis had been arguing with them in the intimidating way that only a large man with a lot of tattoos can effect. Hours later, I had gone back to the barricades and burst into tears. Each of us is claiming success for the partial opening that allows residents to go through with vetting, proof of residency and a check of our plates. So we got in. We spent hours at the Rancho, walking the grounds and assessing the damage. In...

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