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Just Call Us The Getty North

I haven’t talked enough about Ranch Manager Louis’s role in the ecosystem of Two Terrier Vineyards. His responsibilities are varied and far-reaching. Just in the matter of plants and terrain, he oversees erosion control, eradication of invasive species, and the replanting and nurturing of our Native California plants. In recent years — and after I had to fire three landscape designers, mostly because they just wouldn’t believe me when I said I ONLY wanted drought-tolerant California species — I promoted him to Landscape Designer. And we’ve never looked back. If it is possible, Louis is even more of an...

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Improvisational Short Ribs

Mostly I try to keep this blog focused on farming, wine and terriers. My Facebook friends will know that’s where I rant about politics. On most days, I can keep the two worlds separated. But although my Facebook political posts are often liked, retweeted, and quoted, I’ve only had one post go anywhere near viral. As in more than 1000 likes and more than a hundred comments in less than 24 hours. And that was a post in the Instant Pot Facebook page about using the versatile cooking pot while RVing. Well, if that’s my fanbase, I’m throwing them...

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A Really, Really White Christmas

A really disturbing poll came in the aftermath of the election that says at nearly half of Trump voters think Whites are being discriminated against more than minorities. I’m going to move right past this idiocy that seems to think that, as Whites move to minority status and we extend the rights White men have always enjoyed to women, minorities, LGBT, etc. that somehow the “equality pie” becomes smaller. So let’s just imagine a world that is very, very, very White. Without a bit of the spice, color and vibrance that comes from any other culture but the Whitest...

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Going to the Desert for Clarity

There is so much to process from this election. For me, the worst aspect is not that a profoundly immature, narcissistic, unprepared man will be taking the office of President in January and have control over so many things that affect the lives of so many people. It’s that the racism, xenophobia and misogyny that were so central to his message were apparently not a deal breaker for many Americans. Because, face it, Trump supporters can only be in one of three camps: 1) either they are as racist as he is; 2) or they so selfishly want lower...

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After the Conflagration

 It’s done. It happened. It’s not going to be undone by a revolt of rogue electoral college members. Or marching down the street screaming #NotMyPresident. My Facebook tribes in both public and private groups have been so therapeutic and, more importantly, so productive for processing the election and finding groups and solutions for moving forward. I think many of us are beginning to get beyond the post-mortem and (I hope) the finger pointing and coming up with some solid actionable plans for the next few years in the wilderness. I won’t spend too much time on the “why it...

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