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Kanab Kitsch and Coral Sands

On my fifth day of this Sage and Sandstone Tour, I found myself a little sluggish. So I decided on an easy day. That meant sleeping in, puttering around and doing RV chores and driving out to a nearby state park at 10 AM. That’s where the easy ended. I headed to Coral Pink Sands State Park which boasts miles of powdery sand and dunes. When I say powdery, I really mean it. Little did I realize that walking around the park would be like walking through talc. Which means a lot of slogging and one step forward, half...

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In Which I Find Radiator Springs

If you love the Cars movies as much as my goddaughter, Amelia May, and I do, you may have wondered where the inspiration came for Radiator Springs. I had always assumed it was a general mash-up of iconic Southwest locations: a base of Monument Valley, a dash of Zion National Park, a soupçon of the Grand Canyon. Wrong! The minute I entered Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park, I knew exactly where I was. Because turn by turn, feature by feature, vista by vista, Radiator Springs is an exact replica of Valley of Fire. In fact, navigating the scenic...

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Headwinds and Highways

It’s clear that, if I’m going to RV in the Southwest, I’m going to have to develop a meteorologist’s grasp of prevailing winds. Because, on the long haul to get out of California, my main battle has been not the distance, but the winds. For those of you who don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you must realize that to get to points east to another state, you have only two choices: up and over the Donner Pass and through the Sierras to Reno, or south to Bakersfield and through the deserts. Especially if you are driving...

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Staying Safe on the Road

I just came back from a trip to Death Valley. As with every time I return from a roadtrip, I was flooded with emails and texts from friends saying, “Thank God you made it back. Are you sure you should be doing this?” By which they mean doing this alone. It was a few years ago, after several decades of trying to convince my British husband to go camping in National Parks, that I decided I was just going to have to roadtrip to National Parks on my own. See the Brits tamed every last square inch of their...

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The Coldest Time in the Hottest Place

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love the desert. In fact, when news of the world gets too intense, there is nothing like getting yourself to a desert landscape for a time of contemplation, made easier by the fact that most desert places are completely out of range of cell phones, wi-fi and pretty much everything else except the exposed bones of the continent. So, given what’s going on in the country lately, I thought it would be a good time to get myself down to the desert. The one I chose this time was Death...

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