Author: Lisa

Moving the Syrah Out of Oak

Whatever anyone tells you about the romance of winemaking, let me set the record straight. At least 90% of it is cleaning equipment and moving liquid from one container to another. Again and again and again.This weekend we took...

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Artisan Watch: Pasha the Decorator

Decorator is clearly not the right word to use for Pasha, but he transcends categories. He’s another artisan we were introduced to by our builder, Chris Nielson, who thought of him to distress the beams in our barn. Let me...

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Artisan Watch: Bug The Tree Man

I’m not old enough to have really “lived” the Sixties other than to have had baby sitters who played Doors records and whose boyfriends talked about possibly going to Canada if their draft numbers came up. But...

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Being the true-life adventures of two city kids and two spoiled terriers as they transition to a life of winemaking and organic farming in Sonoma. You know Green Acres? It’s like that.

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