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How About That Heat?

 Did I mention how hot it is in Shanghai? So hot that within 5 minutes of stepping outside, you are dripping with sweat. So hot that within 15 minutes, your clothes are as drenched as if you’d just jumped in a pool. So...

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Shanghai-ed: Journey to the REAL China

The Olympic portion of our China trip is over, but I feel like we saw everything. We saw Michael Phelps swim, Bolt run, the US women gymnasts medal and Kobe and crew trounce their opponents.  So we set off for a two day stopover...

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Random, Rambling Thoughts on Track & Field

 So far, nothing at the Olympics has been as I suspected. But everything is as expected at Track and Field, or Athletics as they are calling it. I was hoping we’d get tickets to something in this category because 1) it...

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And Then They Changed the Environment

 Just a quick post to let you know that tons of things have happened: gymnastics, track and field, the first day the Bird’s Nest venue was opened and we were there! I’ve got posts stacked up like planes over Newark...

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I Got a Basketball (Kobe) Jones

This post is going to be a challenge for me. Tonight’s scheduled event was Men’s Basketball. Now in the interest of full disclosure, I know less than nothing about basketball. I went to a game once. It was back in...

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Fuwa You!

They’re HEEEEERRRRREEE. Everywhere you look in Beijing. The Fuwa, the Official Mascots of the 2008 Olympics. I’m not seeing the appeal. They are supposed to represent different iconic elements, mostly of China:...

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WaterWorld: Beijing Edition

On the evening of our first full day in Beijing, we attended the qualifying heats for the Men’s and Women’s Swimming. Of course, the big attraction was Michael Phelps, along with other US stars: Natalie Coughlin, Ryan Lochte,...

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Livin’ On Beijing Time

After nearly 24 hours in airports and airplanes, we arrived in Beijing at something like 3AM San Francisco time. That was after being up at 5AM to catch our early flight. I’m still trying to figure out what happened over...

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Slow Boat to China

I’m starting this post with a spectacular image from Friday’s Opening Ceremonies (courtesy of my Beijing Flickr Buddy, Wangqian, who did not take this picture, but made it available) because everything else in this...

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Olympics Preview From My Beijing Buddy

Sometimes this old Interwebs is an amazing thing. When we first found out we were going to the Olympics, I posted a picture on Flickr of a still life with various souvenirs I’d picked up on my first trip to Beijing. I...

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