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Random Acts of Bloggage

Made it back from Chicago and BlogHer and can barely remember my own name, let alone pull together a blog post. So here are some bits and pieces of wisdom or foolishness. You decide which is which. Interesting Fact: Flickr can...

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I’d Rather Be Kerouacing

 It would be a gross understatement to say that my husband and I have different travel styles. Andy is strictly a First Class-Accommodations-All-The-Way kind of guy. And when I say First Class, I mean it in the very special way...

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Still Hostage to BlogHer ’08 Debate

The grapes are ripening at Two Terrier Vineyards, but I’m afraid to post while hundreds of hits are still coming in aimed at the three hotly debated posts I wrote raising some points and criticisms about BlogHer and...

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Being the true-life adventures of two city kids and two spoiled terriers as they transition to a life of winemaking and organic farming in Sonoma. You know Green Acres? It's like that.

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