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Nature Photo Smack-Down

I’ve known for awhile that my photography has been slipping. Back when I was taking courses, I used to fuss with aperture, speed, lenses, filters. Anything to get the right picture. Now, I tend to keep the camera on the...

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Hipper Than Thou

The beautiful thing about the iPhone are the thousands of applications you can download. Some are ingenious such as iBird Explorer, a database of the birds in your area including a search function that helps you identify any of...

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The Cop Out Post

So not even halfway through National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and I’m already choking. But I’ve got an excuse. Tuesdays are my only full day in the Big City and away from the vineyards. So I try to cram as much...

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Sonoma by Moonlight

 Still not feeling up to par as I climb out of the worst flu I’ve had in decades, so I’ll regale you with a photographic tour of Sonoma by Moonlight — or at least our little bit of it. As you look at these,...

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When Cyber Friends Get Real

Over a year ago, just when I started blogging, I got involved with a Flickr group called Project365. It’s a collection of users of the on-line photo posting group, from all over the world and of all different photographic...

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Christmastime in the Castro

Christmas looks a little different around here. Classic street cars, Canary palms with Christmas bows and lots of sunshine. Happy Holiday Season from San Francisco’s Castro/Noe Valley area.   Most of us get our trees at...

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