We finally got to see our resident bobcat, who we call Leonard for no particularly good reason.

I’ve been following his movements for over a year now — ever since I bought what I call “The Bumper Book of Poo”. This is Peterson’s Field Guide to North American Mammals which shows you lovely artists’ renditions of every imaginable kind of poo and footprints. I mean everything from a field mouse to a human.

Wikipedia, which I always take with more than a grain of salt, says in their entry that the bobcat can take down a deer. I’m finding that very hard to believe, even after seeing Leonard who was much bigger than I thought he’d be. But other sites are confirming that these critters are quite ferocious and can tackle something several times their own weight and growl so loudly you’d think they were Mountain Lions (we have one of those too!) Want to see one in action? Not from my camera. They’re also a lot faster than you’d think, judging by Leonard’s pace. I cribbed the above picture from Wikipedia and this movie clip from Desert USA.

If Leonard wants to clear out the rabbits that are already invading the vineyards, he’s my pal. I just hope he doesn’t decide terrier might be tasty.