In six months, hopefully, we’ll have a completed loft above our barn that will represent the first permanent structure for human habitation at Two Terrier Vineyards. (Currently we’re camping out in a tent cabin. In earlier days, we shared the floor of the wine cave with a Black Widow Spider, a few frogs and the occasional snake.)

Our decorating manifesto for the loft is simple: “No cowboy motif is too cliched.” In other words, “decorating” might be too formal a term for our plans. We’re talking Pendleton throws, rustic wooden furniture and, yes, the obligatory cow skulls. We have three of those so far sporting various states of ornamentation.

We start with the sublime: two Kachina dolls I picked up this summer at Monument Valley. Then we move to the ridiculous: a snakeskin arrow quiver, sporting a dried rattlesnake head complete with simulated venom dripping from the fangs. I’ve purchased some lighting from two great cowboy stores: Aspen Lighting and the even better All That Cowboy. Now I’m keeping an anxious eye out for the guy who shows up in Sonoma every fall to sell “shed antler” light fixtures from his van.

If you’re selling anything cowboy — no matter how wild, wacky or tacky, I’ve got my check book out. Email me.

NOTE: The Kachina above is one I purchased in Monument Valley by Navaho artist, Sherry Begay. It’s called Morning Dancer.