Today had one destination: Two Terrier Vineyards in Sonoma. It wasn’t easy getting four people, two artificial hips, two arthritic knees and two terriers mobilized, but we made it to Sonoma before noon. The land is incredibly uneven and has a low “accessibility” quotient. So I wondered what the Golden Girls would be able to see. I shouldn’t have worried. (See pictures of today’s adventure here.)

Trust Army wives to be prepared for any mobilization. In fact Gerry had decided back in the Sixties to visit her husband who was in Viet Nam at the time. She got herself in-country in helicopters, medivac planes, jeeps and eventually got rowed up the Mekong. Sonoma was not going to be a problem. Andy brought out the golf cart ATV and away they went touring the vineyards.

After hours of site-seeing at Sonoma’s most exclusive vineyards (where they liked the Merlot but not the unfortunate Syrah, it was off to a lunch at Maya where several top shelf Margaritas were in order.

The day ended with a light supper with friends, Rob and Susi, and the screening of the Doris Day-Rock Hudson classic “Send Me No Flowers”.(See pix from today’s adventures here.)