Today was a relaxing day with a leisurely after-lunch start for a Range Rover tour of San Francisco. I had planned to hit the highlights, but with two Army wives on board, those highlights tended to be the military highlights. (See pix of today’s adventure here.)

So we toured the Presidio, Crissey Field, and stopped at the Palace of the Legion of Honor and Point Lobos (where we discovered a memorial to the USS San Francisco and it’s part in the Battle for Guadalcanal.)Long before we headed up to the Marin Headlands, for the classic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, we realized that there is really no famous area of San Francisco there you don’t catch a glimpse of the Art Deco masterpiece.

While out by Seal Rock and the Cliff House, we took a quick detour, at Gerry’s request, into the Veterans’ Hospital. Gerry is involved with a ministry service which is bringing comfort and aid to Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the most difficult things they are finding is piercing the veil of secrecy and actually being allowed in. But one quick tour around the campus and Gerry had all she needed to set her up for two phone calls that netted her the information. San Francisco vets will surely soon be getting the Gerry treatment.

Now on the eve of the Golden Girls departure, we’re preparing for a nice restaurant meal at Firefly, again with Susi and Rob. (See photos of today’s adventures here.