Earlier in this blog, I introduced you to Pasha the Mad Ukrainian. And I mean “Mad” in the very best way. As in “mad, crazy talented.

Pasha’s been taking the beams in the barn (which are made of new wood and wrapped with redwood) then distressing them to look like they’ve been there for a hundred years. It’s really transformed the space, especially with the barn being clad in the 370 year old redwood, Windfallah (read about “her” and Bug the Tree Man who found her for us here.)

But back to Pasha. Recently, he said to us, in his self-depreciating way, “Are you interested in hearing some suggestions?” Of course we were! Especially from Pasha. Luckily we’ve learned to listen to the great artisans we’re finding in Sonoma. It always results in something special. No exception here. Pasha’s taking us way out West.

First Pasha suggested that he really decorate the beams up in the loft — as if two bored cowboys had spent a cold winter on the range carving them. Since our decorating scheme for this part of the barn is “No Cowboy Theme is Too Cliched”, we were all for it. Pasha came up with a design that was part Native American, part rope motive, sort of Western with just a dash of Eastern Europe (He can’t help himself!) Then he got to work with his chisels, his chains and all his other implements de distress. His next suggestion was to add struts to the beams. Just in progress, the space is already looking as if Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef should be lounging under the eaves.

The final touch was to add faux wooden bolts and beam edges, so our beams looked as if they’d been hand sawn and joined together circa 1890.

We can only quote the Duke at this point: “How do ya like that, Pilgrim?”

Find more pictures of the progress so far here.