Since I quit full time office work and started this experiment in farming my schedule’s been all over the map. And now that our crops our coming in, I can see myself tied to a work schedule dictated by fruit and vegetables. Tomatoes ready to pick? Drop everything and run to Sonoma. Nectarines ripe? Grab the pressure canner and start preserving. It really gets crazy around grape harvest time when the Brix level of the grapes dictates immediate picking and pressing. Then there is “punching down” and all the other steps that have to be done RIGHT NOW as dictated by sugar levels, specific gravity and a host of other wine-making things that Andy understands and I don’t. The upshot is that a regular fitness program has completely fallen by the wayside. (As I’m discovering, a sudden spurt of harvesting is no substitute for doing something on a regular basis.)

So never one to do things by half measures, I’ve signed up for a marathon. Hey, it’s one of the things on my Bucket List. Since I compiled the list back in May, it’s time to start crossing things off.

Anyway, this isn’t any old marathon. It’s the Las Vegas Marathon, Baby! Yes, we’re talking fireworks and “Viva Las Vegas” to start the race, running down the fabled strip, bands and entertainment all along the course and what may be the largest contingent of running Elvis impersonators ever assembled (they’re trying to break the record this year.)

Can’t wait to try the wave pool and view outdoor movies at Mandalay Bay.
What, you thought I was doing this only for the exercise?

The best part of the Las Vegas Marathon? It’s walker-friendly. Yes, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ll be doing a walking marathon. Okay, stop snickering. It still counts. And I’ll be able to take pictures all along the way.

Got my reservations at Mandalay Bay and I’m sorting out a training plan. In spite of its inauspicious date, Pearl Harbor Day, I think this is going to be great. Viva Las Vegas!

The things I do for farming.