Still basking in my sense of accomplishment from completing NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month — a commitment to post every day for a month), I’m now searching for other areas of my life I can revolutionize by committing to a 30 day program. After all, there is something magical about that number or thereabouts. I once heard a life coach swear that it only took 28 days of dedication to something to make it a habit. I suppose it’s no coincidence that drug and alcohol rehab places have 28 day programs. Plus, if you give yourself a little incentive, like the thought of winning some of those NaBloPoMo prizes, hey, you’re off to the races!

Whoa, Nellie! Not so fast.

I’m slapped in the face with thoughts of a program I’d committed to way back in July: The Las Vegas Marathon. I booked my hotel room at Mandalay Bay, got my flights, signed on and assumed the thought of that cash outlay would get me training. I even wrote this enthusiastic post where I outlined how I’d be speeding down the Strip to the tune of Viva Las Vegas. (Okay, maybe not speeding. Even back then, I knew my limits and committed only to the WALKING marathon.)

It worked for awhile. Then grape harvest got in the way. And all training stopped. Weight was gained. Now I’ve got the marathon this weekend and I’m seriously wondering if I can walk across the lobby of the hotel, let alone down the strip for TWENTY SIX MILES!

It’s even too late to run as Elvis which is more appropriate for me now than back in July. (That would be the FAT Elvis, not the leather clad Elvis Comeback Special Elvis.)

Note to self: Commitment is great. But you actually have to follow through.

Anyway, I’ll be there. I’ll even get to the starting line. Whether I walk right across the street to the next casino and park myself at the slots is another issue.

I guess I shouldn’t tell you about the other monthly self-improvement programs I had lined up in the wake of a successful month of blogging. How about NaMaYoHuBreEvDay (National Make Your Husband Breakfast Every Day)? Or NaCoFroSloCooMo (National Cook From a Slow Cooker Month)? Yeah, I enthusiastically got the most high-tech slow cooker imaginable and ten books of recipes. Haven’t lifted the lid yet. Or my personal favorite: NaDoYoMo (National Do Yoga Month). That kind of got pushed to the wayside with my first beginning yoga class where the instructor insisted on using me as shining example of “what not to do”.

Well, at least I’m getting a lot of early practice for my New Year’s resolutions. Maybe by December 31st, I’ll have the follow-through part sorted.

Images Courtesy of Las Vegas Marathon.