Not even half way in and I’ve blown NaBloPoMo. (In case you don’t know, NaBloPoMo is a group project where bloggers try to post every day for a full calendar month. I made it in November, which was official National Blog Posting Month.) No post yesterday. I won’t try to give my excuses, I don’t have a doctor’s note. But I’m not going to be a NaBloPoMo drop out. I ain’t no QUITTER. I’ll take my detention and be a NaBloPoMo Delinquent. Hand me my Chuck Taylors, tight pants, leather jacket, comb and hair grease.

Before I get into the thick of writing the next post that will keep me in the game, I’m still trying to decide which kind of delinquent I want to be. The Outsiders, of course, are kind of the Delinquent Gold Standard.

But there’s also something appealing about being the kind of hood who busts ballet moves all over early Sixties New York. ‘Cause

When you’re a Jet

You’re a Jet all the way

From your first cigarette

‘Til they cart you away.

Here’s that whole finger poppin’, pirouetting, Sharks-Jets dance. C’mon, you know you love it.

So for my brief hiatus as a Hood, what’s better: Finger popping or “Stay Gold, Ponyboy”?

Outsiders still courtesy IMDB.