I’m probably more excited about this than I should be. Our olive groves are very young and the yield was tiny. As I explained in this post, that relegated our crop to the community press at the local Olive Press. So this Two Terrier product is actually a blend of olives from all the small producers who contributed to this batch. This is not a fine filtered olive oil. If you’ve ever been to a country restaurant in Tuscany and had the strong, full-bodied, very olivey oil they use for bread dipping, this is it. There is a slight bitter aftertaste which we are blaming on someone else’s olives since our variety is supposed to be noted for their smoothness.

All I can say is something I learned from being a life-long Red Sox fan: Wait until next year!

Note to producers: no matter what you have to pay a good graphic designer, it’s worth it. This is the best I could do on short notice with Avery labels and Photoshop. Good thing we only got 12 bottles of oil and they’re all going to friends!