One bold claim I can make with absolute certainty of remaining unchallenged is that — as defined by breadth, depth and sheer volume — I have the world’s greatest and possibly most embarrassing Christmas music collection. And I’ve been sharing these gems. Yes, I’m generous that way. If you’ve been reading this blog or my cross-postings on NaBloPoMo or BlogHer, you’ve probably run across my Best Christmas Songs You’ve Never Heard, or Christmas Cocktails, or even Undiscovered Christmas Gems: The Dance Party Edition or The Come to Jesus Edition.

What is amazing is how, whenever I post a Christmas playlist, my readership spikes. Extremely high. But from interesting places. In particular, from former Eastern Bloc countries. When I say readership spikes, I mean to the point where I can’t imagine anything is going on in Latvia, Estonia and Serbia and Montenegro other than large parties of people huddled around in Internet cafes making notes on my Christmas music recommendations. I know this is happening because my Secret Squirrel Visitor Tracking software lets me pinpoint, with Google Maps, down to street level where visitors are surfing. I just wish my visitors would leave some comments, even in whatever language they speak in Montenegro.

To what can we attribute this phenomenon? I have my theories. Perhaps after decades of Godless Communism, people in Eastern Europe have no idea how to pull together a Christmas playlist. They’re searching for help. And I’m there for them. Doing my bit to spread Democratic ideals to far flung places.

Photo of Soviet Santa from