voting_is_sexy_posterThe last election already proved that voting can shake things up and change the status quo. Now, I’m calling on you to do it again.

Yes, the Ninth Annual Weblog Awards, The 2009 Bloggies, are now accepting nominations. You know you’ve been coming to this site for a glimpse of the World’s Most Beautiful Baby, to follow the antics of the Wonder Terriers, to find obscure Christmas tunes and, in general, to learn what not to do when attempting organic farming, bio-dynamic wine making and Green Acres style “city slicker to country bumpkin” type life changes. Let’s not even mention the informative posts I’ve done on bacon and vampires. Now it’s time dance with the one what brung you. [She said in full rural mode.]


On the Internet, no one knows youre a dog. And apparently no one knows Left Coast Cowboys. Help me get some recognition.

On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog. And apparently no one knows Left Coast Cowboys. Help me get some recognition.

Don’t let the Dooces and mommy bloggers steal all the awards yet another year. This is the year the underappreciated bloggers –we who toil and write for a few breadcrumbs of comments — should have their long-overdue moment in the sun.


Here’s the deal:


1. Follow this link to the voting place. That’s

2. Now scroll through the categories (on my browser, I have to scroll to the right rather than down) until you see the categories BEST WRITING OF A WEBLOG and BEST-KEPT SECRET WEBLOG. (Listen, don’t quibble about whether my writing is actually that good. I’m trying to make this easy for you.)

3. Here’s the important deal. You must vote for AT LEAST THREE BLOGS. So here’s what you do:

In both categories, nominate me, Left Coast Cowboys, URL is . Also nominate two of my deserving bloggy friends:

If Dickens characters could blog, here’s the site they’d maintain. I’m thinking of one of the secondary characters who had an incredibly optimistic outlook in spite of mountains of trouble. Think Mr. McCawber or Martin Fezziwig. That’s Mad Asthmatic at . If, like me, you giggle when hearing arcane British terms like “whilst”, “lovely” and “tinned food”, you’ll love this one.

The third vote you’ll cast will be for CarmaSez at . What can I say about her? Wife, mother, possessor of snarky wit and suffering from a strange and consuming addiction to giant Cheez Balls.

And hey, as long as we’re at it, how about casting a vote for one of the best food blogs around? Scroll over to the Best Food Weblog category and nominate Kat (and her partner in crime, Matt) for A Good Appetite at

On a more serious note, here’s who you should nominate for BEST WEBLOG ABOUT POLITICS: Verite Parlant (speaking truth) is an African-American writer, displaced by Hurricane Katrina, newly returned to the city and trying to make sense of race politics, rebuilding and today’s divided America. Her voice is not one that is often listened to in the mainstream media and it deserves a hearing. Find her at Whose Shoes Are These Anyway at .

Another interesting NOLA voice for consideration is Cold Spaghetti at  This family is also rebuilding and trying to re-establish a normal life after Katrina. With this twist: she threw away a year of work on a doctoral thesis on slums in Lima, Peru to refocus her dissertation on the culture of Hispanics who moved into New Orleans after the Hurricane. One part mommy blog, one part political and cultural, a big heaping dose of can-do.

There you go. That’s one huge burden lifted from your shoulders. Thank you very much, as Elvis would say. Now go vote.

I’m not going to threaten. Although I do have hundreds more baby pictures that MIGHT not make the Blogosphere if I don’t get some love here. Plus I’ve only just tapped the surface of my large, eclectic and somewhat embarrassing Christmas tunes collection. And there are more funny terrier and winemaking stories yet to come. But no, there will be no threats that those might all end up in a compost pile in Sonoma if. . .

I’m not going to pull a Blagojevich, either, and bring bribes into the mix.

Would begging work?

Seriously, vote. If not for me, than for the other very deserving bloggers mentioned.


Sexy Voter from Google Images.