bca67151I heard a great idea today on the Rachel Maddow Show. The comedienne Kate Clinton is organizing a sage burning ceremony in Dupont Circle in Washington to purify the White House area for Obama. For those of you who don’t know about sage burning, it’s a time-honored Native American purification ceremony. Burning bundles of sage is thought to drive out negative energy, purify the air and surroundings, and heal people and areas. Clinton is trying to gather hundreds of people, along with a Native American Shaman, to burn sage to, shall we say, drive out the bad juju of the last eight years and clear the way for Obama’s positive energy.

I say, “Hooray”. If you are in California, of course, you’ll find sage purification bundles in every other store. But for the rest of you, seek out head shops, Native American jewelry shops and herb and natural healing shops. I bet the Body Shop, which is now in most malls, will have a supply.

Let’s all burn sage on Tuesday as a national act of cleansing to purify us from the Bush years. C’mon, it’s one small thing we can do to get Obama off on the right track.

And Native American Shamen, I’m hosting an inauguration party at my house. You’re all welcome. Bring sage.


Sage photo from Google images.