My allotted computer time was taken up today with knocking out a quick after-event website for Horse-O-Rama, the community rodeo event that I MCed on Sunday. (You can see the site here.) So I’ve got nothing else for ya.

Until a minute ago, when a strange blog comment slipped undetected past my Spam filter. It seems to be from one “Poopey Diaria Toilet” who my Secret Squirrel Blog Visitor Detecting Software tells me is from Upland, California way which is down around LA.

So before I tag this visitor as a Frequent Spammer, I thought I’d share his or her message in full:

It was very poopy im sorry to say! But my name is Poopey! I think whomever made this pee-pee website has mental problems!!!!!!!! Poo is my favorite snack just to tell you and my best friend is Fat Gerald Potato. We like to get in trouble at our high-school all the time! Soooooooooooooooooo all I really want to say is…. 


XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD!!!!!!!!    ***********


The odd thing is that my Spammer reached my site with a pretty arcane search on the name of the Indian tribe that lives around the San Juan Capistrano Mission. So obviously, we’re dealing with a Seventh Grade history project researcher here.

Normally, I don’t share my Spam. But given the subject matter lately around here, it seemed so appropriate.

See, when you deal with horses, you have to expect the manure.

NOTE: In a separate, but unrelated comment, which my SPAM filter did stop, Poopey Diaria Toilet left the cryptic message: KUNUFFLE BUNNIES ROCK!!!

I’m sure it’s some sort of secret code. Maybe to do with composting?