As many of you may know who tried to access this site recently, this blog has been down due to a heinous crash. During the last 36 hours, I’ve been glued to my service ticket screen as the tech guys at my blog hosting site tried to restore it. Quickly, it became a scenario much like The Three Stooges playing Chinese Whispers. The techs would start working addressing the issue, then something would come up such as mis-entered billing information for my credit card, they’d “down tools” and there would be a three hour delay until we all reconnected and it got settled out. Turns out there must also have been an attack of sun spots since the sites of much higher-priority clients kept happening, kicking my blog recovery further down the chain.

Through all this, I Twittered and added updates to Facebook to let my loyal followers know what was happening. Turns out my loyal followers are not so much loyal to me. Several of my readers (all male) emailed in a panic because they were worried that the crash might have lost a particularly bodacious and completely gratuitous cleavage shot of Salma Hayek I had recently posted here. Okay, after the initial shock, I decided to use this misplaced loyalty. So I instructed those followers to link hands, pray to the Gods of the InterWebs for my blog’s recovery, and, in return, I would post an All Salma post.


Your prayers worked, so here goes. A veritable Salma-Palooza. Starting with the original Salma cleavage shot.



Here’s Salma in her native costume:


Sorry, neckline too high? How about a shot of Salma’s other good side:

Just ignore that man in the picture.

Just ignore that man in the picture.


Most of my readers probably don’t even know that Salma has great legs:


Never let it be said that I am not committed to my readers.

By the way, Salma sez [cue sexy Mexican accent] “Gracias mucho, hombres.”

Salma sez: Blog dee-sah-sters are really scary. [cue sultry Mexican accent]