Made it back from Chicago and BlogHer and can barely remember my own name, let alone pull together a blog post. So here are some bits and pieces of wisdom or foolishness. You decide which is which.

Interesting Fact: Flickr can be used as a child behavior modification tool

Waiting for my flight in an overcrowded, hot and muggy O’Hare I sat behind a woman with three overtired, overwrought, whining kids. The mother was reaching the medical condition that I believe psychiatric professionals term “Losing One’s Shit.” At the point where she stepped away from the kids and said, “You have to not touch me and not talk to me for the next two minutes”, I knew I had to spring into action. Since my laptop was open and I had Flickr in a window, I quickly typed in the tag “terrier” into the “search my photostream” option. Up came all 2000 or so of the pictures I’ve taken of my dogs Lucy and Oscar. “Hey kids, want to see pictures of puppies?” Kids rapt. Crisis averted. Another mom saved. Hint: this works best with terriers.

Interesting BlogHer Fact #1

Georgia Getz of the great site, I Am Bossy, is thin as a whippet. But just as funny in person as she is electronically.

Interesting BlogHer Fact #2

Keynote Speaker Donna Byrd, publisher of The Root, showed grace, calm and what I’m calling “The Sotomayor Poker Face” when asked about last week’s events with her fellow Root editor, Professor Henry Gates. Can someone send Sonia and Donna to Vegas, ’cause those gals could clean up in high stakes poker.

Random Thought

Chicago is an amazing city, especially if you walk it. And don’t keep staring up at the tall buildings like I did. It makes you look like a rube from farm country. Plus you miss all the interesting architectural and decorative details on the door arches, gates and gratings.

Wishful Thinking

Can one recharge one’s brain with an iPhone charger?

Internet Expectations Exploded

Checked my visitor stats to find they are through the roof. Hundreds and hundreds more visitors than usual. Thought it was my fabulous wrap up of the BlogHer Conference. Nope, someone Stumbled my tribute last month to Farrah Fawcett. That’s okay, she deserves another look.