Terriers have so many uses. My macro lens is having trouble focussing. So I grabbed two of my favorite short focus subjects for experimentation. Terriers have such long noses that, if they will cooperate, you can focus on the end of their noses and at F-stop 1.8, your focus is blurry by the middle of the nose.

But, unfortunately, photos of the dogs are a sensitive subject. It just points out that, despite both dogs being descended from long lines of dog show champions, only Lucy has the correct conformation. Little Oscar? He’s all over the map. His most noticeable flaw are his ears. He’s actually not supposed to look like very small, yappy German Shepherd.

No his ears are supposed to be perfect little foldy triangles like Lucy’s in this glamour shot.

I don’t even want to tell you all the regimens the breeder ordered us to go through to make his ears behave. One of them involved gluing a headband contraption to his head and folding and gluing his ears over it. Since there wasn’t much chance either Oscar or Lucy were going to be show dogs, that plan was abandoned pretty quickly. Good thing, too, it turns out there is a genetic code for sticky-up ears. And we all know how much luck you have fighting genetics.

Oscar says, “I reject Society’s narrow definition of beauty.”

“Wanna make something of it?” (It’s not for nothing he was named after Oscar de la Hoya.)

And that short focus nose trick?

Oscar’s still the perfect model for that!