It was one year ago today that my little Goddaughter Amelia May was born. (Read about all the drama here which included me assisting. Not with the birth, but with a near-fainting father.) Today we celebrate her first birthday. And it’s appropriate to reflect on the most surprising aspect of having a baby in your life. They teach you more than you teach them.

Just a sampling of things I’ve learned from Amelia May. Not just in the last year, but in the last day!

If you are deficient in something (like teeth), just work what you have. No one will notice.

Speaking of “working it”. You can save almost any situation by throwing your hands in the air and declaring a party.

Any outfit is enhanced with cute undergarments.

Cell phones are really fun toys.

Dad’s shoe horn is an excellent light saber.

You can’t have too many stuffed toys. This one’s from her English Nan.

Stay hydrated!

You’ll always look pulled together if you stick with your signature color. (Amelia’s is Pink.)

Enhance all social situations with Champagne, even if you can’t drink it. (Extra points if the bubbly is in your signature color.)

Any birthday cake worth eating is worth rubbing in your hair.

And just keep smiling! It lights up the room.

If you are not not prone to insulin shock, here’s the complete set of pix from Amelia May’s birthday.