When you are The World’s Most Beautiful Baby, one party is not enough to celebrate your birth. Thursday was the Family Only celebration, today was the friends celebration. And we’re already talking about having an “official birthday” much like the British monarch always has a birthday celebration in June, no matter which month they’re born in.

One observation I can make from this party is that little Amelia May has definitely inherited the Social Gene from her mother and grandmother. Those gals can work a room and Amelia May, at the tender age of one, is right up there with them. Dad is a reserved Englishman who is more comfortable mixing drinks than schmoozing guests, so it’s clear where this gene came from.

Another thing I learned: there is a huge gulf between the enthusiastic amateur and the professional photographer. Check out these photos from our Flickr buddies. All I can say is “Kids, don’t try this at home.” When I saw Patty and Martin whip out their cameras, I put mine away and bowed to the Masters. I am not worthy.

Check this picture by Martin Taylor. If Caravaggio had a camera, this is the picture he would take.