purple flower in sonomaI’m back in San Francisco for a whirlwind round of Big City stuff: haircut, dentist appointment, DMV, etc. It also seemed like a good time to leave Sonoma to the birds and bees, coyotes and other mating critters. The Barn Swallows, which I’ve now discovered are actually Western Bluebirds, are trying to build nests in the eaves of the barn. And they’ve been very annoyed at having to take time out to dive-bomb terriers who are encroaching on what they’ve staked out as their personal space. They haven’t been as annoyed at me, but then I’m setting out dryer lint and handfuls of dog hair from the vacuum cleaner for nest building material for them. The coyotes have also decided that the barn is a good place for singles action and have been stalking around at night leaving their calling cards. It seemed like now would be a good time to leave them all alone. Or else risking Lucy having a heart attack. She’s been huddled in a corner in the bathroom ever since the first coyote showed up.

So let me leave you with a few sights of Sonoma Spring before we return to our regular programming. First, a glamour shot of the barn in front of the vineyards awash in Evil Mustard, which is being mowed down even as you read. (Didn’t know mustard was evil? Read this.)

The barn which is, apparently, now the spot for hot singles action in Sonoma.

Up in the vineyards, buds are breaking.

The non-evergreen oaks (that would be deciduous) are getting new leaves.

The seasonal creek has calmed from the torrent it was just recently.

Did I mention we had a visit last week from some real cowgirls?

When The World’s Most Beautiful Baby showed us all how to do a Barn Dance.

Meanwhile, Lucy accelerated varmint patrol.

Then she called in reinforcements!

Ah, the sights of Spring in Sonoma.