lucy rolls in the dirtWe’re building for the future here at Two Terrier Vineyards. So even though I know virtually nothing about gardening — despite some very gratifying beginner’s luck with tomatoes, corn and cucumbers — I’m banking that one day I will. At least that’s my excuse for how out of control things got with a plan to put in a “a few raised beds”. Blame it also on the fact that we have no living structure here other than the barn. All that building energy goes into other things.

So that’s how we ended up with a set of raised beds like this:

The light areas are decomposed granite paths for sitting, standing and working. The flat area in the foreground is where my greenhouse will go.

This is another excellent job by Felix Sr. and Felix Jr. who both are masters of Mexican stone work. So my garden area features lots of decorative rocks and steps.

The Felixes know rocks. They'll find just the perfect rock and put it in just the perfect place. These are my Zen Steps.

Raised bed construction has been Terrier Inspected and Approved.

As was the World's Largest Compost Pile. Hmmmmm. Steer manure.

So most importantly, what is the name of this new feature? Because Lord Knows, everything that moves or doesn’t move gets named here in Left Coast Cowboy Land.

Well, here’s the deal with this area. It’s on a steep hill overlooking all of Sonoma Valley down to San Pablo Bay. The upwelling of warm air from the Valley creates a constant breeze that the Turkey Vultures love to ride.

It's enough of breeze usually to blow a terrier's ears back.

A terrier might even think she would be able to soar over the Valley.

So welcome to Flying Terrier Farms!