Nick and Nora Charles and Asta from The Thin Man SeriesWhen remodeling your home, there are several things that real estate agents and architects will tell you that you MUST do to increase the value of your home. Several years ago, when we did some serious upgrades to our San Francisco Victorian (circa 1890), we followed all those suggestions that we were told would “add value”. Years after that there are still some of those “enhancements” that we question. One is the full bar in the bedroom. On that one, we’re still asking, “Why?” Goodness knows this is a libation-friendly household. But the times I’ve had a hankering to mix myself up a cocktail — or serve them to friends — IN MY BEDROOM have been…well, never. Yet, if that sudden craving for a cool Manhattan hits after I’ve changed into my PJs, we’re ready.

refrigerator before cleanup

Except that nothing in the fridge is newer than July 2009.

Yes, we’ve got a full bar in the bedroom, including refrigerator, sink, countertop and groovy cocktail shaker set. So far, the area has just been a repository of miscellaneous junk. But, with my new goal for December of clearing out Crap, I decided to tackle this area first. Mostly since it’s a small doable clean-up. Except that a true clean-up means, not just expunging clutter, but organizing and repurposing space so that it doesn’t become recluttered within a week. So even after reorganizing drawers and clearing the 6 month old carton of milk and container of olives out of the refrigerator, I’m still faced with a large existential question. What do I do with this area? How can a bar in a bedroom ever be useful?

charging station before clean up

At least I was able to clear up the mess of this charging station...

cleaned up bedroom bar

Until the bar area looked like this.

Here’s what I’ve come up with that works:

Under the sink: cleaners and various stain removers, sprays and things related to ironing clothes. Which, I’ll have to admit, I don’t do all that often. But, if I did, I would do that ironing in this general vicinity.

Top drawer: matches, corkscrews, utensils and such for whatever repasts I might decide to serve in my bedroom. Well, it could happen.

Second drawer down: Now this is more useful — batteries, rechargers, foreign plug adapters, miscellaneous cables.

Third drawer down: All those emergency earthquake preparedness items you are supposed to have at the ready: candles, flashlights, battery powered lamps.

That leaves the top of the bar clear for my recharging station for frequently used electronics. And for that all-important cocktail shaker and accessories kit.

Seriously, unless Andy decides to become Hugh Hefner, I’m still not seeing that this will get any use. Some people might suggest that we could bring a coffee maker up here and store juice in the refrigerator. Then we could have a leisurely introduction to the morning. Hah! Maybe in a household without terriers. My mornings start when two dogs wake up with a start and I have about 2 minutes to get them to the dog park before someone has an unfortunate accident. By the time I’ve thrown on clothes, run out of the house and stomped around a cold dog park for 15 minutes, I might as well make coffee or drink juice down in the kitchen. Yet, Nick and Nora seemed to manage it with Asta. Maybe it’s different with Wire Haired rather than Smooth Haired Fox Terriers.


If the InterWebs say we should start imbibing cocktails in our bedroom, well, we'll give it a try.

So, I’m asking my readers, what should I be doing with a bar in the bedroom? Should I go with it and have sherry parties in a negligee? Or is there a better use for this area? Perhaps a dog washing station?

I may have the most underused bar in San Francisco, but at least it’s decluttered now.

So file this post under: Crap.