Just a quick post to let everyone know who’s been following Lucy’s emergency that she is A-OK this morning. That’s after two rounds of injected rehydration, medication to bring her fever down, antibiotics, an ice bath and a trip to the emergency 24-hour pet clinic.

Her temp is down to 99.2, which is normal for dogs — they run hotter than we do. She’s had a hearty breakfast, given Oscar a quick smack-down and is now playing in Lake Charles.

Just a few things we’ve learned from this adventure that are worth passing along:

  • Apparently it’s quite common for dogs to get urinary tract infections. And getting them to drink juice every day is a known preventative. Who knew? My dog could have had a V-8.
  • The InterWebs will tell you that all your dog’s organs will fail at fevers of over 104 F. Don’t believe them! The vet said, while fevers are to be watched and brought to your vet’s attention, real danger doesn’t occur until about 107 degrees. (A dog’s normal temperature is anywhere from 99 to 102F.)
  • Facebook may not have had anything to do with the uprising in Egypt, but live blogging your pet’s emergency is a good way to keep a husband who is on a business trip in another hemisphere in the loop.
  • It’s probably worth it to get Lucy a Facebook page and a Twitter account. She seems to have more CyberFriends than I do.
  • And finally, never underestimate the power of Terrier-Tude!
oscar on the porch

And Oscar sez: "We also serve who just hang around and have NO FUN AT ALL because no one was playing!"