Well, we got him. By now everyone in the known world has heard that a team of Navy SeALs, no doubt backed by the intelligence and diplomatic efforts of thousands, nipped into Pakistan, killed the most wanted terrorist, blasted out of there with his body, collected enough evidence to prove indisputably who he was, then gave him a burial at sea. It won’t stop terrorism and it might not even stop Al Queda, but it gives Americans a certain amount of closure to a horrible ten year chapter. Still, I don’t seem to be the only one cringing at the crowds yelling “USA, USA”. Somehow, the occasion seems to call for a more sober, reflective mood, considering the lives that were spent in the last decade. The exception is Ground Zero. New Yorkers who lived through 9/11 get a complete pass to mark the occasion in any damn way they choose.

But then, my experience in Sonoma tells me, sometimes you just have to blast the varmints. John the Baptist is the most gentle nature-loving soul in several counties. But when he found a wild turkey digging up my newly planted potatoes… Well, let’s just say he became judge, jury, executioner and Navy SeAL. That turkey was gunned down where he stood with his feet in my potato patch. Some of you have commented on my Facebook posts about wanting to eradicate the wild turkeys. No, they are not native here. They ARE native in the eastern part of the U.S. and down in Mexico where they probably originated. But here in Northern California, they were introduced as game birds. Unfortunately, they are horribly destructive of our delicate ecosystem, plowing up and destroying important habitat for some of Sonoma’s most under pressure flora and fauna. The worst part, is that they breed like terrorist cells. You see one Monday, you have a flock Tuesday. So, turkeys die. No clemency.

wild turkey in morro bay california

We all deal with terrorism. In Sonoma, it takes the form of the destructive wild turkey.

Which is not to say that, as a man, not a turkey, Bin Laden wasn’t entitled to a fair trial, no matter how guilty we thought he was. Fair trials — for even the most objectionable, hated people — is just what we do. Or what we hope, when we are at our best, that we do.

However, I don’t want to second guess what happened as I think that SeAL operation was the tip of the iceberg in the effort to get Bin Laden. Maybe, the government exhausted every avenue and came to the tough conclusion that he’d never be gotten if he wasn’t gotten dead. As dangerous as this “Kill Bin Laden” mission was, I can imagine it would be ten times more difficult to go in to that compound and get him out alive. And I do know that I wouldn’t want even one Navy SeAL to suffer so much as a hangnail, let alone an injury or a death, to bring Bin Laden out for trial.

So, obstacles. Hindrances. Operating internationally with one hand tied behind our backs. I’m sure that’s what the Administration was dealing with.

Nothing more to say on that subject. Except that recently Oscar, who sometimes gets too grabby with toys and balls and has to wear a muzzle on dog walks, caught and killed a mole with his muzzle on. That’s right, in full Hannibal Lector mode with his main “weapons” caged, Oscar hunted down his prey and dispatched it.

Oscar sez: "Let's see Leon Panetta do that!"