It might be going a bit too far to say that one can never have too many Smooth Fox Terriers. Although Andy, perhaps after too many glasses of Rhone wine, has been known to muse on how fun it would be to have a whole herd of Smoothies running around our place in Sonoma. (So would we then have to change the name to Two Dozen Terrier Vineyards?) But one thing is undisputed: you can’t have enough Smooth Fox Terrier posts on the InterWebs. And we are in no danger of hitting critical mass in that department as I seem to be the main source for such posts. So, in the interest of continuing to do the heavy lifting on terrier-fying the Web, here comes another terrier-centric post. I could hardly do anything else. We’re still so excited around here to have been contacted by the Brad and Angelina of the Smooth Fox Terrier world (well, they directed one of their owners to make the contact.) Posts on John the Baptist, grapes, Mountain lions and coyote poo will have to wait. Today, it’s all about TERRIERS! So, in no particular order and in a group that is in no way comprehensive, here is a short list of some of our favorite terriers in Oscar and Lucy’s Virtual Terrier Playgroup. Romp on, terrier buddies, even if it’s only in Cyberspace!

Let’s get the ball rolling with some rootin’, tootin’ Texas Smoothies.

Flash and Sammy, Smooth Fox Terriers

Meet Flash and Sammie from Fort Hood. They aren’t just pretty faces. They’re active in rally, obedience training and competition.

Jigzy the Smooth Fox Terrier

Jigzy from Michigan gives Oscar real competition in the Creative Ear Competition.

And we have to include Oscar and Lucy’s new friends, Angus and India, the famous dogs STARS of the movie A Single Man. Here is a picture Richard Buckley, one of their owners, passed along the other day. The occasion was India’s third birthday on the set of the movie.

Angus and India, Tom Ford and Richard Buckley's Smooth Fox Terriers

Which just goes to show, even famous movie star terriers aren’t immune from having people dress them up in silly outfits. (Just be glad your owners don’t write a blog. You should see the humiliation that’s been visited on the TTV terriers.)

Speaking of which, India has an equally photogenic relative in Memphis, Nutmeg, shown here with her companion Britta the Miniature Dachshund.

Nutmeg and Britta from Memphis

Can you say: “Joined at the hip”?

This brings me to a discussion of Dachshunds. While they keep getting lumped in the Hound Group at dog shows, some sources will tell you they should really be considered Terriers. Already, the Dachshund is the only non-terrier permitted by the AKC to compete in “go to ground” events. And since this Playgroup wants to appear broad-minded, we are hereby declaring Dachshunds “Honorary Terriers”. I can think of several Dachshunds who have a blanket invitation to romp in Cyberspace with this terrier group. But a special shout-out has to go to His Royal Highness Ansel, currently reigning Dachshund royalty. His romping days may be behind him as he’s closing in on the last few days before his SEVENTEENTH birthday (and what a cake awaits that auspicious day).

HRH Ansel the King of Dachshunds

But no dog is still so ready for his close-up!

And with a tear in our eyes, we have to include some terriers who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Of course, led by the trailblazing blogging terrier, Raleigh Pop, who actually turned out to be Oscar’s niece.

Smooth Fox Terrier

Raleigh Pop, with true diplomat’s skill, could always work both sides of the Ear Camp.

Charlie and Lucy, the Smooth Fox Terriers

Can we forget Lucy’s big brother, Our Founding Terrier, Terrier Emeritus and most photogenic terrier, Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Charlie the Smooth Fox Terrier at Crissey Field

Let’s have another picture of Charlie who died tragically young before this blog got going. But he’s always with us, buried overlooking Lake Charles, which is named after him.

There you have it, folks. A post full of gratuitous terriers. There are so many more dogs who should have been included here. If they weren’t, it’s because I couldn’t find a readily downloadable picture of them. If we don’t know your dog and you feel he or she would be interested in The Virtual Terrier Playgroup (even if he or she needs to be dubbed an Honorary Terrier), send a picture. I’ll keep it in the file. Because there’s no limit to the number of terrier posts I can pump out into the InterWebs.

It’s what I do.