Yes, yes, I’m someone who should hate Vegas. It exemplifies everything I’m against — waste, over-consumption of natural resources. It’s the antithesis of local, sustainable and eco-friendly. But somehow I seem to find myself here about once a year. I manage to enjoy myself despite not being a gambler or a shopper and every visit is wildly different. When I came with my niece, we were all about the shows. Then I showed up to run walk the Las Vegas Marathon. Finally last year, I did Baby Vegas with The World’s Most Beautiful Baby. Now for something completely different. I’m here in Vegas this time to go to a gun show. And not just any old gun show. I’m told this isn’t just a gun show where Goober and Gomer show up to buy new hunting rifles. Apparently the real action is in war grade weaponry for law enforcement, military personnel and military contractors. I’m going to be moving in those circles. I’m doing the Shot Show with a former Navy SEAL.

If you’ve been reading this blog awhile, you’ll know that SEAL is my friend Chuck, author of SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama Bin Laden. I’ve been handling his website, so ostensibly this is a chance to do some upgrades that are better handled with a face to face meeting. But really, it’s an excuse to see my old friend after many too many years. Seems every time I invite him to Sonoma, he’s off in Iraq, Afghanistan or undisclosed locations, so when he said he was autographing books at the show, I got on Orbitz. What the Hell!? How often does a card-carrying, Obama-supporting, recycling, Prius driving, Northern California Liberal get to go to a serious GUN SHOW. You just can’t pass up these opportunities.

Still, as I’ve mentioned, my Vegas trips always have a theme. So what is the theme of this one? Didn’t take me long after arriving at McCarran Airport to know. The place was crawling with shady looking characters, Israelis and guys who looked as if they came out of a casting call for The Dogs of War. Clearly, this adventure will be all about espionage and locating the evil genius who is building a death ray to take out key world capitals. But, in my world, there’s always comedy. So think Austin Powers International Man of Mystery. I’m already working on our cover. (Caution: if you haven’t seen the three Austin Powers movies at least twice each, you can stop reading now. You won’t get it.)

austin powers poster

"Hello, I'm Richie Cunningham. And this is my wife, Ooooo-prah."

Yes, if anyone can, I’m going to find out WHO NUMBER TWO WORKS FOR! The Shot Show starts tomorrow and my first report from deep under cover starts then.

If you happen to be in Vegas, look for me. I'll be the one shadowing the guy with the eye patch.

P.S. — If you want to get an autographed copy of SEAL Target Geronimo, Chuck will be signing at the Mako Group booth. All proceeds to the Navy League Warrior Foundation. Check it out!