On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog.It’s not that I’m the last person in the Westernized world to get a Pinterest account. I knew it was out there, but I’ve been actively avoiding it. However, reports from various blogging friends, who say their stats are going through the roof because of Pinterest pinning, led me to reluctantly sign up. Still, I was hoping I could figure out a way to get the most of the benefits while putting in minimum effort. You see, I’ve been doing that quite successfully with Twitter. I have a plug-in that automatically Tweets with a link every time I post to this blog and another plug-in that randomly selects and Tweets one of my old posts. So Twitter is covered. Except for rare occasions — such as debates which I love to Live Tweet — I confine my participation to Robo-Tweeting.

So it was with a certain amount of confidence that I thought I could do the same with Pinterest. Apparently, Social Media has gotten smarter since the advent of Twitter and its determined to demand more of your time. Or at least it does if you have a WordPress blog like this one.

Oscar the Smooth Fox Terrier as a Pup

Imagine my surprise to learn that wonderful photos like this one of Oscar as a pup are completely unpinnable.

I guess it makes sense. WordPress and my server host are all about security. Pinterest is all about appropriating with abandon. Each is so adamant in their agenda that there doesn’t seem to be any overlap.

Fuzzy Muzzle at https://leftcoastcowboys.com

Hence this essentially pointless post filled with unrelated doggie photos.

Bear with me as I upload photos using different methodologies in an attempt to find a work-around. Feel free to pin any of these pix. And let me know what worked for you.

In the meantime, excuse me if I’m grumpy, angry and…well…distinctly anti-social today. It’s that damn Social Media.


One more gratuitous Smooth Fox Terrier picture for the road.