DayQuillOkay, I’m not actually dying. But I’ve been feeling like I am. I came up to Sonoma yesterday with a To-Do list as long as my arm, only to be slammed with a flu that left me aching in every joint and so weak I couldn’t attempt even the simplest tasks. My headache was so severe and so impervious to any kind of medication that I spent most of the day lying in a darkened room unable even to focus my thoughts. But there’s always energy for blogging. So here’s what I was able to do as I waited to see if my supply of Day-Quil would outlast my symptoms.

Remember how I’ve forgiven Kevin Costner his sins since he helped me teach my tutorees about the buffalo? Good thing, because he produced an excellent eight hour documentary on the Native American history of North America that occupied much of my downtime.

While not as poetic or beautifully filmed as the Ken Burns produced "The West", Kev's documentary is an eye-opening look at the diversity and sophistication of Native American societies before Columbus and the heartbreaking history after Europeans arrived.

Southwestern Smooth Fox Terrier

It's not a feel-good story. It helps to watch it with a very cute and cuddly terrier or two.

Several hours into the genocide, I just had to get out into the sunshine. After another dose of DayQuil, I thought I just might be able to make it up the hill for the half mile walk to Flying Terrier Farms to check on my garden’s progress. It felt like the Bataan Death March.

blossoms on summer squash, Flying Terrier Farms

It was worth it to find out that there are blossoms on the summer squash.

garden gnome and lemon cucumbers

I certainly wasn't up to any gardening. Luckily, Gnomey was looking out for the Lemon Cucumbers.

corn and terrier

The corn is as high as a terrier's tail. Actually, even higher.

bee and matilija poppy

And little pollinators are out and about doing their thing. They are especially loving the Matilija Poppies.

Whew! And that was about all the energy I had to spare.

interior of barn, Two Terrier Vineyards

Back to the barn to stare at the walls. At least they are wonderful walls.

viewing movies on laptop

Then Kevin led me through a few more hours of genocide.

Which makes me feel that, once I get the energy, I probably owe it to Native Americans to find the nearest reservation casino and gamble away a few hundred dollars.


Or add to my ever-growing collection of Native American art.

I’ll get right on that. As soon as I can move again.