On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog.This blog is not much more than an outlet for my writing. Along the way, I hope I amuse a few people and maybe even inform anyone who 1) has a terrier 2) is interested in wine 3) likes the country life (even if I only do it part time) 4) travels and 5) likes to laugh at English people. So we’ve established that I’m not blogging professionally. However, I do have Secret Squirrel Hit Counting Software. And I am interested in what gets people over here to Left Coast Cowboy Land. Some of the traffic patterns are predictable. Terrier people from the various groups I belong to on Facebook follow me here. Groups of people who read blogs that have me on their blog rolls come here weekly. And a growing number of people actually subscribe to this blog through a blog reader or by email (see the “Don’t Miss a Post” sidebar on the right hand side of this blog.)

Then there are my Google people. Anyone who goes on Google and searches on any combination of “cowboy music”, “cowgirl music” or “yippee-kay-yay”, gets sent here. Must be this post, this post and this post. Speaking of music, I have proclaimed loudly and long that I possess the most complete and broad-ranging collection of Christmas music ever assembled. I can make you a Dance Party Christmas list, a Come to Jesus Christmas music list, Cowboy Christmas and so much more. Needless to say, starting around this time of year, I get hundreds and hundreds of hits from people looking for Christmas music suggestions. I’m happy to oblige.

Smooth Fox Terriers by fire

Many of you got here looking for Christmas songs. Well, we certainly have terriers roasting by an open fire.

But I still find it interesting how many really odd searches seem to channel people right over here. Not only are these weird, very specific and very strange searches, but, with all the craziness on the InterWebs, I’m amazed there aren’t dozens of crazy conspiracy theory sites that wouldn’t pick these searchers off long before they hit my blog.

For instance, this morning I noticed that two people got here on these independent searches:

Smooth Fox Terrier handsome boy and How do I find a nice Englishman

Okay, I have both. So not that unexpected.

But browsing through my hit counter, I’m not sure how to explain these:

female funny cowboy songs aboutcity girls catching cowboys

Sorry, remember. I have an Englishman. They aren’t cowboys.

 Living The Pioneer Way

Uh, not really. Even when the Wi-Fi goes out.

fat lard austin powers

Hmmm. I’ve chronicled my various get-fit schemes, but I don’t think I was ever that badly out of shape.

apocalypse grocery list

I do can a lot. But I’m not sure that’s going to save me. Except I did write this post.

that one friend who gets shit done

Hmmm. If you have to take to the InterNets to find that friend, you don’t have that friend. And no one at Left Coast Cowboys can help you.

The fermentation of the grapes

Now this is logical. But I wonder how many pages and pages of Google results someone had to go through — including every Ag Department site in every state that has a wine industry, every college that has a viticulture program and every winery site — before they got to Left Coast Cowboys.

So how did you get here?