tom-ford-and-richard-buckley-married-leadYesterday the news broke that fashion designer, Tom Ford, and his longtime partner and former editor of Women’s Wear Daily, Richard Buckley, had married. While it’s a wonderful reaffirmation of the rightness of marriage equality that this loving couple of 27 years can finally marry, that’s not why their wedding is significant to Left Coast Cowboys. You see, Tom Ford and Richard Buckley are true Terrier Peeps. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tom Ford is also a movie director and has the distinction of directing, A Single Man, which we here have dubbed, “The Citizen Kane of Smooth Fox Terrier Movies”. (My review here.) That movie featured acting by some dude named Colin Firth, but more importantly, it included star turns by Ford and Buckley’s own Smooth Fox Terriers, Angus and India. Of course, we in the terrier community went wild, prompting several more posts here and offers to send our equally talented terriers to the Ford casting couch. The real thrill was when Richard Buckley himself was kind enough to comment on this blog and send along some pictures of Angus and India on the set. That’s it! Richard, Tom and any terrier they may own are now officially in our Virtual Dogpark.

Angus and India, Tom Ford and Richard Buckley's Smooth Fox Terriers

Richard sent this picture of Angus and India celebrating a birthday on the set. See, even celebrity dogs aren’t immune to the dress-up whims of their owners.

Tom Ford and Richard Buckley's Smooth Fox Terriers, Angus and India

Here are young Angus and India. Sadly Angus went over the rainbow bridge this year. I hope another Smoothie will soon join the family.

The terriers are now in a tizzy trying to decide which slimy, gnawed rawhides and how many ripped up tennis balls would be appropriate as wedding presents. Emily Post tells me I have up to a year after the wedding to get gifts to the happy couple. So we’ll be sure to box them up when they are appropriately distressed.

So many, many congratulations, Tom and Richard! You are no longer Single Men, but you are certainly Singular Men. Best of all, you are Terrier Men.

So eight paws up for your continued happiness! (And remember, the next time you are casting a new movie, I know some terriers with real star power.)