Faithful readers will know that we lost our beloved Lucy awhile ago. If you’ve ever had Smooth Fox Terriers, you will know that, when they go, they leave a Smooth Fox Terrier sized hole in your heart. You can never replace the terriers you have known and loved. But you can fill that hole with another Smooth Fox Terrier. However, getting a new one is never easy. Unfortunately, Smoothies have become somewhat of a rare breed and it seems only the dedicated show people are breeding them. Since Oscie is very submissive to female dogs but somewhat dominant and obnoxious with male dogs, I really needed a female. But that meant I had to wait for a litter (and this conscientious group doesn’t over breed their dogs), then I had to hope for a female who didn’t quite come up to show standard and could go to a “pet home”. After frantic posts to every Smooth Fox Terrier Facebook group and three near misses where I was just a day too late to get the last pup, I found her. She’s from a prestigious kennel in the East Coast, so that necessitated flying cross country and picking her up so we could fly back together. Luckily, I have a husband who racks up a million jillion air miles a month in business travel. So off I went.

Here is the face that launched several thousand air miles.

What followed were two days of crazy travel. Blasting out to Boston, renting a car and racing off to the kennels, picking up the pup and cruising back to Logan. By the time we’d battled Boston traffic, returned the rental car and caught various buses back to the hotel, we were both ready to collapse. Which we did. Baby Girl and I snuggled under the covers and fell asleep to HBO movies. She weathered the trip fairly well, and was right as rain after sleeping curled up against my stomach all night.

The very next day was our flight back — which I hope is the the only bad day she has for the rest of her life. I spent the early part of the day trying to get her “emptied out for the flight”, but she was having none of the grass verges outside the Hilton. Once at the airport, we sprang for the ridiculously priced United Members’ Only lounge. But it was worth it for the quiet and the Family Bathroom. That meant I could take her in, lock the door, spread puppy pads on the floor and wait while she pounced around and procrastinated before doing her business. I’m sure the “Family” label didn’t mean to include puppies, but serves them right for charging so much. We are now aloft in a somewhat turbulent flight and I’m tracking the flight attendants’ movements. I’m not supposed to take her out of the carrier, but I want to bring her up under my blanket to cuddle. Failing that, I have her carrier partially opened and my foot where she can lick it.

Not sure the “Family Bathroom” meant puppy. But we needed pre-flight wees.

Oh, and about her name! Funny you should ask. A few weeks ago, I was watching television and someone came on who was lean, elegant, but laser focused on the job. I remember thinking, “If there is a human equivalent to a Smooth Fox Terrier, this is it.” When I saw this little pup’s picture for the first time, I knew just what to call her.

I even saw the patented Terrier Head Tilt!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to the newest terrier at Rancho Los Dos Terriers!


Yes, the one thing I always forget to disclose on the breeder application forms is that all terriers who reside with us will be raised as Democrats.

The minute I saw her, I knew that would be her name, but it wasn’t entirely without controversy even in our own home.

Me: I’m calling her Sally Yates. Maybe Assistant Attorney General Sally Yates.

Andy: But we’ve always given our dogs English names.

Me: You’re just lucky I’m not calling her Hillary!

So here she is. She’s lean, she’s elegant, she could kick ass in a Congressional hearing. And she’ll put the bite on anyone who supports a racist, anti-Progressive agenda.

And meanwhile, who’s a pretty girl?